Who Is Elaine Adkison (Bering Sea Gold Daughter)? Boyfriend Shem Fogelman Relationship Details

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Shem Fogelman, the lover of Elaine Adkison, remained in her life for a while. They’ve broken up and moved on.

Since Elaine and Shem have been out of the spotlight for some time and had a daughter in 2015, some people are curious as to what transpired between them.

Elaine Adkison
Elaine Adkison

Relationship Details Between Elaine Adkison & Boyfriend Shem Fogelman

Shem Fogelman, a diver on her father’s boat, was a boyfriend of Elaine Adkison. When they first started dating, her dad was not really pleased.

Vernon shared his worries about how their connection would effect the job in one of the show’s video snippets. Even more, he had instructed Elaine to assist on the boat and check to see if anyone required help doing their duties. She and him had a disagreement over that.

The captain advised against dating divers because you can end yourself getting taken advantage of. At the conclusion of the video, he contacted Fogelam, Kuckelhead, and warned him that if he wanted to continue dating his daughter, he had better locate some gold for him.

Ten Interesting Facts from Elaine Adkison

  • The star of the program Bering Sea Gold and the offspring of a gold miner is Elaine Adkison.
  • She maintains a very quiet life that is only known to her close friends and family, thus there isn’t much information available about her online. We don’t know her precise birthday or date of birth as a result. Her age and zodiac sign are both unknown.
  • Additionally, her private information is not public. We are therefore unaware of her height, weight, or other physical characteristics.
  • Her father is the host of the reality series Bering Sea Gold and a gold miner. Despite the fact that her father is famous, little is known about her mother. On June 4, 1947, her father was born in Alaska, in the United States. Additionally, she has a sister named Yvonne Adkison.
  • Her niece, Yvonne Adkison, made an appearance in season four of her father’s program and left an impact on the viewers.
  • Her niece Yvonne was convicted of a drug-related plot and given a two-year prison sentence.According to accounts, her partner was also seen on the stage. In 2020, we have no idea where she is.
  • She obviously isn’t active on social media, either. Her Twitter and Instagram profiles were not discovered.
    There is no biography for Elaine Adkison on Wikipedia.
  • Her exact net worth is currently a mystery.

Elaine Adkison Bio/Wiki

The star of the program Bering Sea Gold Veron Adkison, Elaine Adkison, is descended from a gold miner. Elaine Adkison is a highly private person, thus hardly much information about her can be found online.

Her sister and father are well-known, despite the fact that she leads a very secluded life. Both her boyfriend and her older sister’s boyfriend appeared with her father on the show.

Elaine Adkison Early Years

The oldest of Vernon Adkison’s daughters, Elaine, rose to the rank of captain while appearing on Bering Sea Gold in season two. She formerly held a position at Hooters.

She once dated Flint Collins, a crew member of the Wild Ranger, but in the fourth season, after splitting from Elaine, he left Bering Sea Gold. The mother-of-two later started dating fellow diver Shem Fogelman, with whom she has a daughter named Penny. Elaine’s current boyfriend is an Alaskan named Matt Jones, and the two welcomed their daughter Eleanor in July 2020.

Has Elaine Adkison ever been married?

Elaine Adkison isn’t wed in order to have a spouse, though. Nevertheless, she is presently seeing a man named

Alaska native Matt Jones Eleanor Olivia Yvonne Jones, Elaine and Matt’s daughter, was born in July 2020.

Elaine had previously been romantically involved with diver Flint Collins. He worked on the Wild Ranger and his girlfriend’s boat, the Bering Booty, up to their breakup, but he left in Season 4. She rekindled her romance with fellow diver Shem Fogelman after the breakup. In 2015, they had a daughter together.

Elisabeth Adkison Age

In August 1990, Elaine Adkison was conceived. In August 2021, she reached the age of 31.

Elaine Adkison’s Net worth & Income 2022

Vernon and his family earn $500 000 a year from the show and other sources, claims TVShowCasts. Elaine Adkison has a growing net worth of $500k, compared to Vernon Adkison’s estimated worth of $2m.

Elaine Adkison previously worked for her father in North Charleston, South Carolina, at Hooters. However, she began assisting her father as a deckhand and skipper in 2012 while working as a professional gold digger. She put a lot of effort into learning all she would require to survive at sea.

However, Elaine took a brief leave of absence from her work during her first pregnancy. However, she quickly went back to the position where her father usually praised her performance.

About his firstborn, Vern commented, “Elaine has high goals. She desires to serve as captain. You can only ever complete an action like this by buckling up, diving in, and completing it. She may make a few errors and break a few things, but maybe she will learn from them before she [kills] herself. You have to do things that way occasionally.”

Elaine Adkison’s FAQs

• How Tall Is Elaine Adkison?

Elaine Adkison stands tall to the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

• Where Was Elaine Adkison Born?

Elaine was born in her hometown of Homer. Alaska

• How Many Episodes Of Bering Sea Gold Features Elaine Adkison?

Elaine appeared on 27 episodes of “Bering Sea Gold” (2012-2020). Whereas, she appeared on 7 episodes in “Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice” (2014).

Elaine Adkison Personal Details

Name Elaine Adkison
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Veron Adkison
Siblings 1

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