The Best Affordable Universities in the UK for 2023

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The cost of attending university continues to rise globally, but the United Kingdom offers some of the most affordable options for higher education. With proper planning and research, you can find high quality undergraduate and graduate programs that won’t break the bank. This article explores the most budget-friendly or affordable universities in the UK based on tuition fees and living costs.

What Makes a UK University Affordable?

When evaluating affordability, it’s important to look at the whole picture. Tuition fees are a big component, but day-to-day living expenses also determine the overall affordability. Other factors that impact costs are:

  • Location – Schools in areas with lower rents and costs of living tend to be more affordable.
  • Status – Public schools tend to have lower tuition than private institutions.
  • Scholarships – Schools that offer more generous aid and scholarships reduce out-of-pocket costs.
  • Program Choice – Some degrees like sciences have higher lab fees that increase costs.

We weighed all these factors to rank the UK’s most affordable options for higher education.

Most Affordable Tuition Fees in The UK

While UK tuition fees used to be standardized under £3,000, deregulation has led to variation. Here are universities offering the lowest tuition fees for 2023:

  1. University of Highlands and Islands – £9,000
  2. Staffordshire University – £9,250
  3. Liverpool Hope University – £9,250
  4. Newman University, Birmingham – £9,250
  5. York St. John University – £9,250
  6. Anglia Ruskin University – £9,250
  7. University of Suffolk – £9,250
  8. Glyndwr University – £9,340
  9. University of Wales Trinity Saint David – £9,360
  10. Bishop Grosseteste University – £9,470

These universities charge tuition under the current maximum of £9,500 allowed, providing yearly savings between £30-500 compared to average fees. Over a 3-4 year degree program, those savings add up.

Best Value Cities for Students

Where you live while attending university also impacts your living costs just as much as tuition. Certain cities in the UK offer an affordable standard of living for students.


Liverpool is one of the most affordable cities for students in the UK. Average monthly rents are around £510 and general living costs are low. The city is home to both Liverpool Hope University and Liverpool John Moores University.


With average monthly rents of £510 and plenty of budget food and entertainment options, Sheffield is another cheap city for students. It hosts two universities: Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield.


In Newcastle the average monthly rent is just under £450. Groceries and nights out are also wallet-friendly. Newcastle University, Northumbria University, and University of Sunderland – Newcastle all call this city home.


The capital of Wales, Cardiff boasts average monthly rents of £510. Other costs like groceries and transit are low. Students attend Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales here.

10 Most Affordable Universities in the UK

Combining factors of low tuition, affordable cities and cost of living, generous aid, and value reputation, these are the most budget-friendly universities for UK students:

  1. University of Suffolk

With an Ipswich campus located in an affordable town, the University of Suffolk offers tuition under £9,250 and great scholarship options. Computing, Health and Science, and Arts and Humanities programs focus on career preparation.

  1. Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope’s tuition sits at an affordable £9,250 and the university ranked high for student satisfaction. Arts and Humanities, Education, and Science and Health degrees take advantage of the low-cost Liverpool location.

  1. Staffordshire University

This public research university based across campuses in Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford offers tuition fees of £9,250 along with scholarships and bursaries to reduce costs further. Students can pursue programs in Business, Law, Health, Computing, and more.

  1. Bishop Grosseteste University

Situated in the affordable city of Lincoln, Bishop Grosseteste offers degrees in Education, Psychology, English, Business and more. With small class sizes and tuition under £9,500 a year, students get personalized attention.

  1. University of Suffolk

Located in Bangor, Wales, Bangor University offers some of the lowest cost degrees in the country at around £9,000 for tuition. Additional funding like the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships make it accessible. Students get a great education surrounded by the beautiful Welsh landscape.

  1. University of Cumbria

This public university has campuses spread across Northwestern England in Carlisle, Lancaster and London. With tuition at £9,250 plus generous scholarships, Cumbria makes higher education attainable. Business, Education, Humanities, Health, Science and Sport degrees are available.

  1. York St. John University

York St. John offers small class sizes and tuition just over £9,000. Located in York, living costs are affordable in this historic city. Degrees range from Business to Fine Arts, Psychology, and Education.

  1. University of Wales Trinity Saint David

With three campuses across South Wales and Malta, Trinity Saint David leverages affordable Welsh living costs. Tuition is competitively priced under £9,500 and scholarships up to £3,000 help offset costs. Professional career-focused programs are offered in Business, Education, Humanities and more.

  1. University of Sunderland

This public university spread across Durham, Sunderland and London charges tuition around £9,250. Scholarships like the Vice-Chancellor Excellence and Sports scholarships help reduce fees. Computing, Education, Nursing, Business and Creative Arts programs take advantage of the affordable North East England locations.

  1. London Metropolitan University

Despite its location in expensive London, London Metropolitan University offers an affordable education. Tuition is competitively priced under £9,500 and ample bursaries, grants and scholarships help offset living costs. Practical degrees are offered in Business, Computing, Psychology, Law and more.

The Bottom Line on Affordable UK Universities

While no university education is truly cheap, selecting an institution with low tuition, generous aid options and an affordable location can reduce the overall cost. Doing thorough research is key to finding budget-friendly options that don’t sacrifice quality. The UK has some of the most affordable universities globally across cities like Liverpool, Sheffield, Bangor, Lincoln and more. Consider both fees and living expenses when evaluating the overall affordability of a university. With smart planning, an excellent education is within reach.

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