Olli Haaskivi (Manifest): Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Affairs, Bio, Family And More

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Olli Haaskivi (Manifest): Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Affairs, Bio, Family And More

Olli Haaskivi was born in Cleveland, but he spent his childhood in Florida, attended the University of Michigan for his education, and has since settled down in the Upper West Side.

On stage, both Off-Broadway and in regional productions, he has appeared in a vast array of roles, including many super geniuses, a lot of sad and sensitive boys, a couple dinosaurs, two major literary figures (Tennessee Williams and Percy Shelley), a playwright having a passionate love affair with Rafael Nadal, and Samuel L. Jackson.

He has also played the role of Samuel L. Jackson. He has acted in regional productions. In movies and on television, he is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He has been involved in only one transaction involving illegal drugs, he has represented a juvenile offender in court, and he has hosted a heated episode of Zoom.

Olli Haaskivi
Olli Haaskivi

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Olli Haaskivi (Manifest): Early Life

His father, Finnish soccer star Kai Haaskivi, was playing for the Cleveland Force at the time of his son’s birth in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States.

Haaskivi’s family relocated to Florida when he was 8 years old, and he spent his childhood in the area surrounding Bradenton and Sarasota.

Niklas Hagman, a former hockey player in the National Hockey League, is his cousin.

Olli Haaskivi (Manifest): Career

He began his secondary education at Booker High School in Sarasota when he was in the ninth grade, and after graduating he attended the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance to study musical theatre.

Along with Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Benji Pasek, he participated in a production of Seussical while he was a student there.

In 2012, he made his acting debut in an episode of the television show Unforgettable.

In 2019, Haaskivi played a minor role in the film Motherless Brooklyn, which was directed by Edward Norton and starred Edward Norton as well.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he would make a cameo appearance as Dr. Nagel.

In February of 2022, he was cast in Christopher Nolan’s biopic Oppenheimer, which was about J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Later that year, he was cast in a recurring part in the Apple TV+ drama The Big Cigar. Both of these roles were announced in February of 2022.

Olli Haaskivi
Olli Haaskivi

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Olli Haaskivi (Manifest): Private Life

Haaskivi was born in Finland but currently maintains citizenship in both the United States and Finland. Haaskivi was briefly included on the list of Finland’s Most Wanted due to an error that was made when his father was filing citizenship paperwork on his behalf on Haaskivi’s behalf.

Olli Haaskivi
Olli Haaskivi

Olli Haaskivi (Manifest): In Manifest

Isaiah, who is portrayed by Olli Haaskivi, is the epitome of the murky and ambiguous characters that Manifest is famous for featuring, and this couldn’t be more accurate.

In the seventh episode of the second season of Manifest, Olli’s character was shown to be an obsessive believer who desired to transcend death and be reborn as a “returned,” similar to the passengers of the “miracle” Flight 828.

Olli’s character was responsible for quite a bit of damage because he lured all of the passengers to a makeshift nightclub, spiked the champagne bottles, attempted to blow them all up, held Olive at knifepoint, and died while wrestling TJ, who gave his life to save his girlfriend. Olive was also threatened by Olli’s character.

TV Fanatic had the opportunity to speak with Olli about his participation in the series, how he brought such a powerful character to life, and what exactly was going through Isaiah’s head for the entirety of the show.

If there’s one thing I can say about this season, it’s that it’s been entertaining to watch, and whenever someone says, “Save the passengers,” my first response is always, “From me!” Hearing the phrase “Save the passengers” so often over the course of the past few weeks and being able to respond by saying, “That’s solely about me, guys,” has been a lot of pleasure to have that up my sleeve.

So, was he always intending to do this, or did it gradually become more of a priority for him as he continued to go to Church of the Believers? What exactly is your hypothesis?

I guess you could say that, but the way I feel about it is that I’m constantly looking for one sort of unique and large notion to hang your character on.

I remember that during the second season of The Sinner I appeared in a number of episodes playing a public defender.

At the time, I was speaking to a friend of mine who also worked as a public defender, and I remember that he told me that all a public defender is is an idealist who has become disillusioned with their work.

I can very vividly recall thinking to myself, “Okay, I can build my entire character around that line.”

That satisfies all of my requirements completely. And Isaiah, when we meet him in Manifest Season 1 Episode 3, and he has a big jail scene with Michaela, he delivers a phrase that I think is, “I’m not afraid of prison; I’ve been here before.” I believe this is the line.

It’s something along those lines, and what it tells me is that it’s easy to take that concept and trace it down, like track the implications of that.

That’s what it says to me. So, my first thought is that if someone has had a really hard childhood, and perhaps was bounced around between different foster homes at various points in their development, then my guess is that he has undoubtedly witnessed things and been a part of things that are, well…

Olli Haaskivi
Olli Haaskivi

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Olli Haaskivi (Manifest): Interview

What precipitated this time of high tension?

Yeah! And furthermore, I have the impression that he comes from some kind of a troubled and perilous background, whatever that may be.

I have some speculations, but whatever it is, it seems as though we don’t really need to know.

What we do know, however, is that he undoubtedly has a history and that he possesses certain talents.

And I think the miracle of 828 truly is that I handled it as the first time that he has a genuinely has any hope, any optimism, or anything wonderful. I treated it as if it were the first time that he had any of these things.

I have the impression that he puts a lot of weight into that. In that neighbourhood, I believe he has a strong sense of personal safety.

I believe that he has a sense that he is serving a purpose. I get the impression that he is thrilled to be with Olive and to have the opportunity to introduce her to this group of people.

In addition, I have the impression that this is the very first time in his entire life that he is experiencing those kind and upbeat emotions.

And then when that is threatened, when attacks are made on the Church, I think about that. In addition to this, I believe that he has some inkling that Olive’s family does not approve of this.

Isaiah was informed by Adrian that a “greater miracle” would take place in the sixth episode of Season 2 of Manifest.

Did Adrian have any knowledge on this topic, was he making a general statement with the intention of putting Isaiah’s mind at ease, or was he referring to something else entirely?

I viewed that as a general statement. I took that as possibly the very first time, or not even maybe, I took it as the very first time that something Adrian says doesn’t ring true to Isaiah. I didn’t even take it as possibly.

I took it as the very first time. I believe that Adrian said something to Isaiah to try and put him at ease in the sense of saying something along the lines of “Don’t worry about it; we’ll just figure it out later.”

When I was in that situation, the thoughts that went through my head were, “I’m not sure if I totally believe you right now,” and “Maybe I need to take matters into my own hands here.”


Originated the role of “Samuel L. Jackson” in the FringeNYC hit musical Jurassic Parq: The Broadway Musical.
Graduated from the University of Michigan’s musical theater program.
Spent a brief period of time on Finland’s most wanted list after a citizenship misunderstanding.
Son of soccer star Kai Haaskivi and cousin of hockey star Niklas Hagman.
Appears in the FunnyOrDie.com video “It Doesn’t Get Better”.
Haaskivi’s grandfather Olavi Haaskivi was an honorary member of The Finnish Football Assosisation.

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