A Masters in Digital Marketing from Northumbria University Provides the Ultimate Edge

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In today’s highly digital landscape, professionals with strong digital marketing skills are in high demand across all industries. To truly master digital marketing and gain a competitive edge, more and more professionals are opting for a Masters in Digital Marketing. One of the top programs in the UK is offered by Northumbria University.

Why Study a Masters in Digital Marketing?

A masters in digital marketing provides extensive knowledge and skills related to marketing strategy, analytics, advertising, social media, SEO/SEM, UX, email marketing, and more in a digital context. It equips students with expertise in data-driven digital tactics essential for modern marketing careers.

Some key benefits of this advanced qualification include:

– Learning emerging and in-demand digital marketing skills with a future-proof education

– Ability to guide digital marketing strategy and campaigns using critical thinking

– Opportunity to specialize and gain specific expertise in areas like social media marketing, digital analytics, digital advertising, marketing automation, and search marketing

– Developing expertise in leveraging data and new technologies such as AI for improved marketing

– Building an expansive professional network and gaining industry connections

– Potential for senior digital marketing roles and higher salaries

Why Study at Northumbria University?

Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the leading universities in the UK for master’s in marketing programs. The Department of Marketing, Operations and Systems consistently ranks among the top institutions for marketing education and research excellence.

Here’s why prospective students should consider Northumbria University for a Masters in Digital Marketing:

– Cutting-Edge Curriculum: The curriculum incorporates the latest digital marketing strategies and tools used by leading companies today. Students learn actionable digital marketing skills with real-world applications.

– Expert Faculty: The program is taught by academics with extensive digital marketing experience who introduce students to emerging concepts.

– Industry-sponsored Projects: Students work on real client briefs from companies like P&G, HSBC, Nike, and more to build their portfolios.

– Access to Specialist Resources: From eye-tracking labs to HTC Vive suites, students get access to the latest facilities to supplement learning.

– Flexible Delivery: Students can study full-time on campus or blended with only 3 full days of onsite sessions per term.

– Professional Accreditations: The program is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM).

– Career Support: The university’s career service preps students for jobs and offers lifetime access to vacancies. Many graduates enter leadership roles.

With its combination of research-led teaching, industry partnerships, modern facilities and career support, Northumbria provides an enriching environment to gain advanced digital marketing qualifications.

Program Structure and Courses

Northumbria’s MA/MSc Digital Marketing is a one-year full-time or two-years part-time program. Students must complete 180 credits through taught modules and a final dissertation.

Modules & Programmes

  1. Academic Language Skills for Postgraduate Business Students
  2. Leadership and Management Development
  3. Strategic Marketing in the Digital Era
  4. The Digital Customer Journey: Data, Profiling and CRM
  5. Marketing Metrics and Analysis
  6. Research Methods and Analytics for Business Practice
  7. Digital Campaign Management and Media
  8. The Newcastle Business School Masters Dissertation

Some modules offered include:

  • Digital Strategy – Developing integrated digital strategies aligned to business objectives
  • Social Media Management – Leveraging social platforms and analytics for campaigns
  • Digital Marketing Analytics – Measuring and optimizing digital performance using data
  • Search Marketing – Improving search visibility through SEO and paid search PPC
  • Digital Advertising – Managing programmatic, display, and mobile advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – Boosting sales by optimizing user experience and journeys
  • Digital Marketing Automation – Implementing automated lead generation and sales funnel processes
  • Dissertation – Independent research project on a digital marketing topic.

The curriculum covers all key digital marketing capabilities expected today. Elective modules allow students to specialize further. The dissertation enables in-depth exploration of an area of interest.

Career Prospects for Graduates

The job market is ripe with opportunities for digital marketing professionals. This program prepares graduates for roles like:

  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Search Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Advertising Manager
  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Digital Marketing Consultant

Graduates possess the aptitude to deliver data-driven digital marketing results that companies in all sectors demand today.

With its industry-aligned curriculum, strong faculty, and career prep, a masters in Digital Marketing from Northumbria University gives graduates the optimal foundation for leading digital marketing careers. Those seeking to master digital to elevate their marketing abilities should consider Northumbria University for a truly transformative, future-facing education.

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