Mark and Michelle Venables: The Siblings of Jon Venables, One of Britain’s Youngest Murderers

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The shocking murder of James Bulger in 1993 by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson stunned the world. The case was made even more tragic and controversial due to the young ages of the perpetrators, who were just ten years old at the time. While much has been said about Venables and Thompson, not much is known about Jon Venables’ siblings, Mark and Michelle Venables.

Meet Mark and Michelle Venables, Jon Venables’ Brothers and Sisters

Mark and Michelle Venables were as shocked as anyone else to learn about their brother’s involvement in the James Bulger case. Mark is the older brother, while Michelle is the younger sister. At the time of the murder, Mark was 15 years old, and Michelle was only 9.1

James Bulger & Jon Venables
James Bulger & Jon Venables (Image Source: @Dailymail)

Jealousy May Have Played a Role in Venables’ Actions

According to reports, Jon Venables was believed to be jealous of how his parents treated his siblings. This jealousy may have played a role in his involvement in the murder of James Bulger. However, it is impossible to know for sure what went through the minds of the two young boys when they committed the heinous crime.

The Youngest Convicted Murderers in British History

After the murder of James Bulger, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were convicted and became the youngest convicted murderers in British history. Both boys were just ten years old at the time of the crime. The case was controversial, and the authorities took measures to protect the identities of Venables and Thompson, including giving them new identities and lifelong supervision.

Mark and Michelle Venables were Unaware of the Case for a Long Time

Mark and Michelle Venables attended a school for developmentally slow children and were unaware of their brother’s involvement in the case for a long time. After the murder, their parents tried to protect them from the media’s prying eyes, and no information was shared publicly about the family.

Venables’ Aggressive Behavior

Venables’ teachers reported that he had a bad temper and often acted aggressively towards other children. While psychological testing did not reveal any direct effects of movies on Venables’ thinking, they may have indirectly influenced his behavior, particularly given his possible developmental challenges.

Meet the Parents of Jon Venables: Susan and Neil Venables

The infamous murder case involving Jon Venables shocked the world and left his parents, Susan and Neil Venables, devastated. Despite the shocking revelations about their son’s involvement in the crime, they remained supportive of him.

During Jon’s trial, his mother Susan was visibly upset and cried as he was charged with the murder of James Bulger. It was a heart-wrenching experience for the family, who had to deal with the emotional toll of the investigation and trial.

The transcripts from Jon’s interviews with detectives reveal that Susan was overwhelmed with anger and grief when Jon confessed to being in the shopping center on the day of James Bulger’s murder. She had a deep emotional attachment to her son and was devastated by the situation.

Denise Fergus, the mother of James Bulger
Denise Fergus, the mother of James Bulger

Similarly, Neil Venables mourned the loss of his son and the fun activities they would no longer be able to share, such as playing football and snooker together. He also expressed sympathy for the family of James Bulger, acknowledging that they had suffered an irreparable loss.

After the trial, the Venables family received numerous death threats, forcing them to leave Liverpool and assume new identities.2

They had to grapple with the consequences of Jon’s actions and the public outrage that followed.

It was a difficult time for the family, and Susan and Neil Venables had to come to terms with their son’s involvement in the crime. They expressed their sorrow that Jon would lose his childhood due to the punishment he would receive. They believed that Jon got involved with the wrong person and did something wrong.

The emotional impact of the case on Jon’s family was significant, and they had to deal with the aftermath of the crime. The case remains one of the most high-profile and controversial in British criminal history, and it will continue to be a subject of discussion for years to come.

Where is Jon Venables Now? Latest Updates on James Bulger’s Murderer

Jon Venables, one of James Bulger’s murderers, has been a subject of public interest since his release from prison in 2001. In 2013, he was given a second new identity for his protection. However, his release was short-lived, as he was back in a maximum-security prison in 2010 after breaching his life licence by hoarding child abuse images.

Jon Venables & Robert Thompson
Jon Venables & Robert Thompson (Image Source: @NBCnews)

Arrests and Conviction

James Bulger, a toddler from Bootle, Merseyside, was abducted on February 12, 1993, from a shopping center. Two days later, his battered body was found by the railway line. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both aged ten at that time, were arrested on February 18.

On November 24, 1993, Venables and Thompson were convicted of abduction and murder and were detained indefinitely. Venables was held in the Red Bank secure unit in St Helens, Merseyside, while Thompson was held at Barton Moss outside Manchester from 1993 to 2001.

Sexual Misconduct and Secret Identity

Reports later claimed that Venables had sex with a female member of staff at Red Bank, who was suspended after being accused of sexual misconduct. Venables was allegedly told to tell other residents that he was detained for stealing cars, not for murder. Venables and Thompson won lifelong anonymity amid the most draconian banning orders on their whereabouts ever in January 2001. They were freed under new identities in June 2001.

Arrests After Release

Venables has been in and out of prison since his release. In 2008, he was arrested on suspicion of affray after a drunken brawl and was given a formal warning by the probation service. Later that year, he was found with a small amount of cocaine, resulting in a caution for possession of the class A drug.

In February 2010, Venables was back in jail after being caught with child abuse images. He was released in 2013 after the Parole Board recommended his release. However, in November 2017, he was recalled to prison after allegedly being caught with indecent images of children again.

In January 2018, Venables was charged by the CPS over indecent images, and on February 7, 2018, he was jailed for 40 months after admitting to possessing more than 1,000 indecent images of children. He could now be kept in prison for the rest of his life if the board decides that he poses too much of a risk to ever be freed again.

Public Inquiry

In January 2018, James Bulger’s mum, Denise Fergus, backed calls for a public inquiry into the toddler’s murder. She expressed her anger and frustration over Venables’ repeated offenses and failures of the authorities to prevent his reoffending.


Who are Mark and Michelle Venables, and how are they related to Jon Venables?

Mark and Michelle Venables are Jon Venables’ younger siblings. They are his full-blood siblings, as they share the same parents.

What is the relationship between Mark and Michelle Venables and their brother Jon Venables?

Mark and Michelle have had a strained relationship with Jon, particularly after his conviction for the murder of James Bulger in 1993. They have had little contact with him since then, and have expressed their shock and horror at his crime.

Have Mark and Michelle Venables ever spoken publicly about their brother Jon Venables?

Yes, Mark and Michelle have spoken publicly about their brother Jon Venables on a few occasions. In a 2010 interview with the Daily Mail, Michelle said that she had not spoken to Jon in over a decade, and that she had no interest in having a relationship with him. Mark has also spoken out against Jon, saying that he does not believe his brother has been rehabilitated.

How has the media portrayed Mark and Michelle Venables in relation to their brother Jon Venables?

The media has generally portrayed Mark and Michelle Venables sympathetically, as they are seen as innocent victims of their brother’s crime. They have been described as “quiet” and “private” people who have been deeply affected by what happened to their brother Jon.

What impact has Jon Venables’ crime had on Mark and Michelle Venables’ lives?

Jon Venables’ crime has had a profound impact on Mark and Michelle Venables’ lives. They have been forced to live in the shadow of their brother’s crime for decades, and have had to deal with the media attention and public scrutiny that comes with it. They have also had to cope with the emotional trauma of knowing that their brother committed such a heinous act.

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