Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Affairs, Family , Bio And More

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Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Affairs, Family , Bio And More

Mahira Kakkar is an actress who has worked in film, television, and theatre. She currently resides in New York City.

She is a proud alumni of Jadavpur University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a gold medal, as well as the Drama Division of The Juilliard School. She was born in Kolkata, India.

Since that time, she has had roles in a great number of plays, both in New York and elsewhere throughout the world, as well as countless films and television shows.

She is most interested in works that are witty, humorous, physically demanding, or language-driven.

She is fluent in Hindi as well as English, and she considers both the United States of America and India to be her homes.

Mahira is not only a writer, but she also works as a dialect coach, specialising in Indian accents.

Mahira Kakkar
Mahira Kakkar

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Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): Bio

Mahira Kakkar was born on September 18, 1982, which means that she will most likely be 39 years old by the time the year 2022 rolls around.

She came from a lively family and was born in the city of Kolkata in India. She is a citizen of India, and her or his religious affiliation is with the Hindu faith. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

When she was younger, she received her secondary education at the Modern High School for Girls in Kolkata.

After that, she enrolled at Jadavpur University in Kolkata, which is located in India; it was there that she earned her bachelor’s degree.

Mahira Kakkar is an Indian actress and model. As of the year 2022, Mahira Kakkar has a net worth of three million dollars.

She is suspected of having a good time with Meena Hasni and Dr. Gupta during the dramatic sequences of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (2001) and “Blue Bloods,” respectively (2010).

She has been honoured with a number of accolades, including the prize for Best Actress at the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2013. In addition to that, she was a candidate for a prize at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (2014).

Mahira Kakkar
Mahira Kakkar

Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): Career

Before beginning a career in the entertainment industry, Mahira Kakkar honed her performance abilities in several theatrical productions. Her debut on television was in the 2007 episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” in which she played a bit part. This was her first time appearing on television.

After thereafter, she appeared on an episode of the television show “The Big C.” (2011). During the same calendar year, she began working on the OCBS crime drama series “Blue Bloods.” She played a little part in this story as Dr. Gupta, which is what made her most recognisable to people and helped her get recognised at an earlier stage.

Over the course of her career, she has been on a variety of television shows, including “The Blacklist,” “Louie,” “Odd Mom Out,” “Friends from College,” “New Amsterdam,” and “Orange Is the New Black.”

Her first starring role will be in the 2020 season of the Netflix original series “A Suitable Boy,” which she will appear in alongside Tanya Maniktala and Ishaan Khattar.

She joined the cast of Jeff Rake’s thriller sci-fi drama TV series “Manifest” as Dr. Aria Gupta and appeared in 11 episodes during her time on the show. She is mentioned multiple times in “Uncovidable” (2020) and “Help,” two podcasts (2022).

She made her acting debut in the film “Hank and Ashaa” (2013), which was also her first film role.

In the film, she played the major character Asha. She was honoured with multiple accolades for her work throughout the film, including those bestowed upon her at the 2013 Napa Valley Film Festival.

She was cast in multiple roles in the 2019 film “Bit Me,” alongside a number of notable actors such as Naomi McDougall Jones, Katherine Kahrs, and Aurelio Voltaire, amongst others.

She played the role of the supporting character Lily throughout the entirety of the film. In addition, she has appeared in the temporary movement pictures “Oil and Vinegar” (2015) and “Hechki” (2014).

Mahira Kakkar
Mahira Kakkar

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Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): Education

Although Mahira now resides in the United States of America, she completed her secondary education at the Modern High School for Girls in Calcutta, India. Despite this, she is an American citizen.

Even when she was a child, she had a consistent history of success in her academic endeavours at the collegiate level. Mahira was enthusiastic about the possibility of her receiving training in Bharatanatyam dance and Indian classical music in addition to that.

Following the completion of her secondary education, she relocated to the United States in order to pursue her higher education there.

She attended The Juilliard School Drama Vision in New York, which is where she worked with Harold Guksin as her acting instructor.

After she completed her teaching duties at the theatre institution, she went on to pursue a career in enterprise theatre and television.

Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): Personal Life

Mahira enjoys travelling to different places and gaining new experiences. She has expressed that it gives her a warm and fuzzy feeling all over, particularly in her heart.

The majority of her time is devoted to her official Instagram account, which is located at on Instagram.

She is fluent in French, German, Pakastani Cockney, English, and Afghani, and she enjoys learning new languages. Her favourite language to learn is Afghani. She is covered in tattoos from her shoulders down to her wrists.

Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): TV Series

Mahira made her debut on television in 2007 with a small part in an episode of the television show “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” Prior to that, Mahira had honed her acting chops by appearing in stage productions.

After then, she appeared in multiple episodes of the television show “The Big C” in 2011. During the same period of time, she began appearing in episodes of “Blue Bloods,” a crime-mystery thriller shown on OCBS.

Here, she had a little part as Dr. Gupta, which people found most appealing and which was instrumental in bringing her recognition.

The next year, she became a cast member in the TV show “Manifest,” a suspenseful science fiction drama that was produced by Jeff Rake.

She appeared on the show as Dr. Aria Gupta for a total of 11 episodes. In addition, Mahira has been featured in multiple episodes of the podcasts “Lem Can Help” and “Uncovidable” (2020).

Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): Movies

Mahira debuted in the film industry with the 2013 adaptation of James E. Duff’s “Hank and Asha.” She acted out the role of Asha, the main character.

Her performance as a supporting character throughout the film won acclaim from both film critics and audiences, and as a result, she was presented with a number of accolades, including those given out at the 2013 Napa Valley Film Festival.

Then, she landed a role in the upcoming film “Bite Me,” in which Naomi McDougall Jones, Katherine Kahrs, and Aurelio Voltaire also had starring roles.

Mahira played the part of Lily in the film, which was a supporting role, however she only appeared in a few scenes. She has also appeared in the short films “Oil and Vinegar” (2015) and “Hechki” (2015), both of which were released in 2015. (2014).

Mahira Kakkar (Manifest): Net Worth

It is hypothesised that Mahira Kakkar has an internet worth that is greater than 90 Lakh Rupees in United States Dollars at the moment.

The majority of her earnings come from television shows and movies. In addition to that, she earns money by modelling, appearing in commercials, promoting producers, and working at her own private business.

Because she is making progress in her work, there is a good chance that her salary will increase over the course of the next several years.

Having a value of 90 Million Indian Rupees

Mahira Kakkar
Mahira Kakkar

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  • In the early Nineteen Nineties, Mahira Kakkar was born throughout the Indian metropolis of Kolkata.
  • When she was youthful, her family moved to the United States.
    Kakkar and her brothers have been raised by their dad and mother in New York City.
  • In 2020, Mahira will most likely be in her late 20s. The net doesn’t however have her starting date, though.
  • At the second, there isn’t a Wiki net web page just for Kakkar. Still, numerous her non-public {and skilled} information is available on the market on the Internet.
  • Mahira was born throughout the United States, and she or he is a Hindu. She might be part of the Asian-American group of people.
  • Programmer John Paul Davis is married to Mahira. She lives collectively together with her husband in New York City correct now.
  • Kakkar is 5 toes 5 inches tall and has a good-looking physique. Her prolonged, black hair generally is a nice operate.
  • Still being labored out is how so much Mahira is worth.
  • She is a well-known actress who likes to talk collectively together with her followers and followers on social media web sites.
  • On Instagram and Twitter, you’ll discover Kakkar. About 900 of us comply together with her on Instagram.


1.Who is Mahira Kakkar?

Ans: Mahira Kakkar is an Indian actress who lives in New York. She turned well-known for her operate as Asha throughout the movie “Hank and Asha,” for which she acquired the Napa Valley Film Festival Awards in 2013 and was nominated for the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival Awards in 2014. She might be acknowledged for her roles in TV reveals like “Blue Blood” (2011–2012), “The Blacklist” (2015), and “Manifest” (2021- 2022).

2.Is Mahira Kakkar Married?

Ans: Yes, Mahira Kakkar will get married to John Paul Davis, who generally is a poet, programmer, author, and musician.

3. How outdated is Mahira Kakkar?

Ans: Mahira Kakkar is 40 years outdated (as of 2022).

4.When is Mahira Kakkar’s birthday?

Ans: Mahira Kakkar’s birthday is on 18 September 1982.

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