Who Is Forrest Galante? Wife Jessica Summerfield, Bio, Facts & Their Son Details

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On March 31, 1988, Forrest Galante was born in California, but he went to Harare, Zimbabwe, within the first few months of his life. He was raised on a successful farm that produced exotic fruits, high-end alstroemeria flowers, and a wide variety of domestic and wild African animals.

Galante’s favorite childhood activities included breeding guinea pigs, capturing snakes, fishing in the dam, and playing rugby. His mother would take him and his sister on safari in the African wilderness when he wasn’t enjoying life on the farm.

Galante’s mother led her kids on exploration trips to some of the most distant regions of Africa while operating as one of the continent’s first female safari guides and bush pilots, gathering antiquities and watching wildlife. Galante was fascinated by all types of wildlife and knew he wanted to work with animals for a living. Galante became the youngest person to ever direct a global canoe safari down the Zambezi River at the age of 14.

Galante’s world was flipped upside down in 2001 when their land was seized as a result of horrible political unrest in Zimbabwe. In the middle of the night, they were forcibly removed from their house, and they left Zimbabwe. Galante and his family eventually made their way back to California, first to the small town of Cayucos and then to Santa Barbara, with just one bag per person and a few hundred dollars.

As a means of settling into his new life in California, Galante took up free diving and spearfishing. Galante gained notoriety in the undersea community as his abilities improved with time.

He visited numerous nations to take part in spearfishing competitions and currently holds six pole spear world records. Galante obtained certifications for EMT, 100-ton ship captain, and SCUBA dive master along the road. He received a biology degree from UC Santa Barbara in 2009, with a focus on marine biology and herpetology.

Forrest Galante with Wild Animals
Forrest Galante with Wild Animals

Forrest Galante Early Years

Galante took a year off following his college graduation to travel. He worked with and took pictures of unusual species in 46 of the world’s most isolated locations. He captured crocodiles, dove with white sharks, took pictures of poisonous snakes, outwitted a startled hippo, avoided a cyclone, and had countless other adventures while traveling, but he also had to visit the hospital frequently.


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Galante followed a career in high-risk wildlife biology fieldwork after moving back to California, usually concentrating on species that were close to extinction. He took part in the popular Discovery program Naked and Afraid in 2014, where he earned one of the greatest PSRs (primate survival ratings) ever.

Extinct or Alive, Galante’s own television program on Animal Planet, was eventually created thanks to his hands-on approach to animals, love of nature, and unique background. The program follows Galante as he scoured the planet in search of animals he thinks were wrongly declared extinct.

Galante has discovered evidence of eight previously thought-extinct creatures since 2018. Read on to find out more about his discoveries.

Galante continues to do field research and surveys, working not just with a variety of diverse creatures but also with species that are thought to be extinct. His goal is to use the media to motivate and inform people about animals and adventure, including hosting Animal Planet programs, conducting on-camera expert interviews, and creating his own wildlife and natural history shows. Additionally, he shares his objective with a sizable following on social media platforms where he maintains an active presence.

Who Is Forrest Galante Wife Jessica Summerfield?

Forrest Galante Wife Jessica Summerfield
Forrest Galante Wife Jessica Summerfield

Jessica Evans, Forrest’s high school sweetheart, is now his wife. The union took place in August 2015. On Stocking Island in the Bahamas, the occasion took place. Jessica wore a white swimsuit for her marriage as her costume. In actuality, they both took a dip while wearing their wedding attire. All of their wedding guests enjoyed a fantastic five-day vacation. For their honeymoon, the couple traveled to South America. Jessica teaches science. She shares her husband’s passion of animals and adventure. They were both taking classes at Coast Union High School together. When they were in high school, they first became close. So, in 2013, they became engaged.

Forrest Galante Age

Forrest Galante on animal planet
Forrest Galante on animal planet

Forrest is 31 years old right now. He was born in the year 1998, and each year on March 31st, he celebrates his birthday. He was born under the zodiac sign of Aries, according to the calendar.

Forrest Galante Biography

Date of Birth March 31, 1988
Age 34 Years, 9 Months, 4 Days
Place of Birth California
Country United States
Profession Television Host
Horoscope Aries

The day of his birth was March 31, 1998. California is where he was born. But young Forrest and his family emigrated to Harare, Zimbabwe. He and his younger sister both grew up in Harare. In Africa, Forrest’s mother worked as a safari guide. Thus, he and his sister frequently had the opportunity to trek through the African jungle with their mother. His undergraduate studies were completed at UC Santa Barbara. He graduated with a biology degree in 2009. He is 31 years old as of 2019 and is highly dedicated about his work. Forrest is not just a scientist but a freediver, naturalist, and conservationist as well. He is actually the youngest person to have led a global canoe safari through the Zambezi River.

Forrest Galante Net worth & Income 2023

Forrest’s exact net worth is not yet known. However, based on his career graph, we may infer that he has earned a respectable sum of money. Forrest collaborated with his photographer to produce the film Dancing with Dragons. His program Extinct or Alive is also quite well-liked. Consequently, the show pays him well. Additionally, he has been in other programs like Shark Week and The Nightly Show.

Forrest Galante’s Son Rhodes Galante Details

At the Chaparri ecological reserve in Peru, Forrest Galante took his son to see a spectacled bear. He is a TV personality who is daring.

Forrest Galante with his son
Forrest Galante with his son

He and his wife, Jessica Evans, who are both well-known figures in the conservatory world, give birth to Rhodes, a toddler. She got married in 2015 with her husband and biologist Evan. Due to the substitution of guests for stingrays and pigs, the wedding was unique. They celebrated for five days on Stocking Island after the ceremony in the Bahamas.

The fact that it was their first joint trip gave the place significance. Because they wanted to tell their friends about the wonderful memories, the beaches, bright reefs, and extraordinary marine life became ingrained in their memories.

His and Jessica’s pals attended their wedding in the Bahamas.

They welcomed their first child into the world five years after getting married, and they have already started taking him on adventures. They visited Lake Chelan last year in an effort to look for evidence of the supposedly Loch Ness Monster-like creature that was said to reside in native American folklore.

He didn’t mind bringing his son close to the edge of peril since he wanted to share the thrilling experience with him and teach him about biology and ecology while watching the documentary Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante in the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, the young child also had some essential driving practice as he sat on his father’s lap and took the wheel of a speed vehicle and went on his first helicopter ride. While his mother introduced him to the nature and its wild edibles in Washington state, his father taught him how to ride a horse in the Ozarks.

Evan instills in her daughter the value of being aware of your surroundings.

It’s important to unwind after a long day at the office, and the Brazilian family of three did just that by cooling off in the Rio Cuiaba. The young child was taught an important lesson by his parents before he could even walk, so he doesn’t need a book or a film to understand the world around him.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Forrest Galante

He was born in Zimbabwe.

Since the moment of his birth, Forrest Galante has led an exciting existence. Although he was born in California, the first 14 years of his life were spent in Zimbabwe. He developed a love of the outdoors while growing up on a farm. He struggled to settle into American life when his family moved back to California when he was a senior in high school.

He holds a biology degree

Forrest isn’t just a TV actor portraying a scientist. He graduated from UN Santa Barbara with a biology degree. I’m a wildlife biologist by trade,” Forrest stated in an interview with Afraid Mag. These risky animal-related endeavors are what led to me being discovered for television.

He enjoys volunteering.

No matter how busy he is, Forrest always finds time to help others. He places a high value on volunteering and is especially passionate about working with kids. The Santa Barbara Stingrays are a California youth rugby team that he mentors.

He enjoys making science enjoyable

Extinct or Alive’s success can be attributed in part to Forrest’s ability to make learning about wildlife exciting. Forrest’s favorite aspect of his profession is being able to make the material entertaining. “We illustrate how enjoyable and engaging and interesting animal science is,” he claims. “We show how devoted the entire crew is, not just me.”

He Participated in Rugby

Forrest was an athlete before he was a television broadcaster. He has played rugby since he was a little child and has done so throughout college. Sadly, he had a terrible back injury while playing rugby in Thailand, which ended his rugby career.

For bringing a pocket knife to school, he was detained in high school

Forrest, as I’ve already indicated, found it difficult to settle in the United States. It goes without saying that he was used to many different things in Zimbabwe than he was in America. He had to learn a difficult lesson about one of these distinctions in high school. In order to prepare some fruit for his lunch, he packed a pocket knife in his lunchbox. While this was OK in Zimbabwe, it was not permitted in the United States, therefore he was arrested and taken home by police.

He doubts that anything frightening exists in the United States.

Forrest has traveled the globe and has witnessed many horrible things. He has had to cope with some terrifying situations, such as government violence in Zimbabwe or a group of animals racing in his direction. Because of this, he does not find America to be frightening at all. “America is so tame,” he remarks. Nothing frightful exists here. I’ve seen the worst the United States has to give, and it’s all timid, he continues. Nothing here is too frightening.

He Enjoys Taking Photos

Forrest currently spends the most of his time in front of the camera, although in the past, he was often found in front of it. After graduating from college, Forrest’s first profession involved touring the world and shooting images of endangered wildlife. The majority of his fascinating photos these days are found on his Instagram profiles.

He Holds Spear Fishing Records

Forrest became interested in spear fishing after returning to the country. The pastime evolved into a means for him to unwind and escape. He developed into a very skilled spearfisher and took part in many competitions. He has six world records with the pole spear.

His Parents Were Guides in the Safari

Forrest’s parents instilled in him a passion for exploring the outdoors. While the family was residing in Zimbabwe, both of his parents worked as safari guides. Forrest used to spend a lot of time playing in the African jungle when he was younger.

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