Devin Harjes (Manifest): Age, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Family, Relationship And More

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Devin Harjes (Manifest): Age, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Family, Relationship And More

His roles as Oscar in the film Daredevil and Jack Dempsey in the film Boardwalk Empire helped propel Devin Harjes to the forefront of the acting world. Harjes is a highly talented actor who resides in Texas. He has made contributions that are notable and memorable in a wide variety of films and television shows.

In April, it was revealed that actor Devin Harjes will be joining the team of Manifest as a series regular. See below for further information regarding the actor.

Since it was revealed that Devin Harjes would be a part of Manifest, he has amassed quite a fanbase in the time since the announcement.

The chemistry that he and his co-star Holly Taylor share is infectiously charming, and fans can’t help but admire it.

The television series Manifest on Netflix is about a plane that, after many years of taking off, miraculously lands.

Devin Harjes
Devin Harjes

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Devin Harjes (Manifest): Bio

Lubbock, Texas, is where Devin Harjes spent his childhood and where he was born. It is currently unknown what ethnicity he belongs to. He developed a love for horses and rodeo thanks to his upbringing in Texas around cowboys and the fact that he is a native Texan.

He was only 5 years old when he triumphed in his first competition, taking home the prize of a horse saddle. The fact that he had worked with animals since he was a child provided him with a significant advantage in his professional life.

In the course of his education at the university, he concentrated his studies on acting. Following graduation, he relocated to Dallas in an effort to increase his acting employment opportunities. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was being performed at the community theatre, and he was seen there giving a performance.

In point of fact, Harjes’s inner performer was not satisfied by the limited space of the stage. As a result, he made the decision to go to New York City, where he continued to develop his acting skills. In preparation for future acting opportunities, he also began training in various forms of martial arts and went to the gym.

Devin Harjes
Devin Harjes

Devin Harjes (Manifest): Career

Since the year 2009, Devin Harjes has been working on enhancing his acting abilities. He had his first appearance in the film The Sixth Round, in which he played the part of Yuri.

FBI, Gotham, Orange is the New Black, and Manifest are just a few of the television shows in which he has appeared.

Devin has had appearances in a wide variety of films, some of which include The Forest is Red, The Sixth Round, Blue Eyed Mary, Boyz of Summer, The Day I Lost My Mind, and When the Shadow Falls.

One of his many successes is appearing in a number of plays on Broadway. At the moment, he has a packed agenda full with acting commitments.

The only limit that appears to exist for him is the limit of the sky. After completing elementary school in his hometown, it is unknown whether or if Devin Harjes has continued his schooling in any capacity.

Devin Harjes (Manifest): Net Worth

As of the latter half of August 2022, Devin Harjes has amassed a total net worth of 550 thousand dollars. The majority of his revenue comes from his flourishing acting profession, which continues to improve in quality.

It is expected that his annual compensation is in the several thousands of dollars range. As of right moment, no information regarding his holdings or investment activities has been made public.

Devin is able to have a joyful and extravagant life since his income is consistently growing and never stops flooding in.

Devin Harjes
Devin Harjes

Devin Harjes (Manifest): Height, Weight

Devin Harjes has been intentionally vague about his age. In the films that he has been a part of producing, he has typically played the part of a man who is between the ages of 25 and 35.

His IMDb website, nevertheless, does not include any information regarding his height. Our best guess is that it’s about five feet and ten inches tall.

You may become one of his 103 fans on Instagram by following him and joining his community there. Because he does not appear to have any posts as of this moment, it would appear that he has only recently created the account.

Devin Harjes (Manifest): Siblings

Devin Harjes is a native Texan and the product of two Texans for parents. It was disclosed in his biography that his father honoured the day of his birth by riding a horse through the neighbourhood with both him and his sister.

His wife is not mentioned at all in the biography that is provided. It is difficult to determine if he has a social media presence because he does not post very frequently on any of his accounts. It appears that for the time being, he is content with living his life as a single man.

It is estimated that Devin Harjes has a net worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of one million dollars. Acting professionally has provided Harjes with the means to both accumulate and enjoy his wealth.

Devin Harjes (Manifest): On Television

His first jobs were on Broadway musicals, which he got while living in New York City at the beginning of his career. The part of Jack Dempsey, which he played for the first time in the film Boardwalk Empire (2010), is generally regarded as his breakthrough performance in the big screen medium.

Among the television shows in which he has appeared as a guest star are Gotham (2014), Daredevil (2015), and Orange Is the New Black.

In addition, Devin is the honoured winner of both the Best Actor Award as well as the Best Supporting Actor Award.

Devin Harjes (Manifest): Relationship

Mr. Harjes has been very discreet about his romantic relationships and has not shared any information about them. We have a good feeling about the fact that he has not yet tied the knot. However, does he currently have a girlfriend? It would appear that the actor is single at the moment because there is no evidence to suggest that he is currently involved in a romantic relationship with any woman. As things are, Devin does not have a girlfriend or a wife at this time.

Devin Harjes (Manifest): Social Media

Mr. Herjes is not the type of person who spends time on social media. On Instagram, he may be found under the handle @devinharjes; however, he has not yet published any photographs or videos to his account.

In a similar vein, the actor is difficult to track down outside of Instagram. Therefore, it is fair to say that Devin does not maintain an active presence on any of his social media platforms.

Devin Harjes
Devin Harjes

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