Chonda Pierce: Know About Her Age, Bio, Wiki, Relationship, Family And Daughter( Chonda Pierce)

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Chonda Pierce: Know About Her Age, Bio, Wiki, Relationship, Family And Daughter( Chonda Pierce)

The daughter of Chonda Pierce The author of the software in question is Chera Pierce Meredith.

Chera Pierce Meredith, the daughter of Chonda Pierce, is employed by So Peculiar as a children’s game developer. In addition, Chonda is the mother of a son that she had with her late husband, David W. Pierce.

Chonda is a comic, and as a result, she brings joy and amusement to the lives of everyone around her. As a stand-up comedian, she is deeply committed to her work and firmly thinks that humour is the best kind of treatment.

When it comes to her private life, on the other hand, she has a lot of sour recollections and experiences from her life. Her husband developed an addiction to alcohol, which ultimately led to his death at the age of 54, while Chera chose to cut herself apart from her family.

Chonda Priece
Chonda Priece

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Chera Pierce: Who Is She?

Chera Pierce Meredith, Chonda Pierce’s daughter, works in the video game industry. In Ashland City, Chera Pierce spent her childhood alongside her older brother, David Zachary Pierce.

The family’s firstborn, Chera, is also the oldest child. Her mother and father both had successful occupations, which led to her feeling resentful toward them both.

Her father, David, teaches English at Middle Tennessee State University and a number of other schools and universities. Her mother, Chonda, was working to establish a career as a comic and gaining a following on the church circuit at the time.

According to Godupdates, a portion of Chera’s bitterness stemmed from the fact that her mother’s career compelled her to spend a significant amount of time travelling. As a consequence of this, she ultimately got married, had children, and distanced herself from the family.

Both Chonda and David felt the effects of the agony. Soon after, the creative individual became aware of the fact that her partner had begun to partake in occasional drinking. In the end, it caused him to develop an addiction to it.

The mother-daughter relationship deteriorated when Chonda’s life became more challenging as a result of the effects of her husband’s alcoholism on the family. And in the midst of all of it, the comedienne also passed away after losing her mother.

At the moment, Chera resides in the same house with her husband, Craig, and their two sons. The home of the family is located in eastern Tennessee. According to what can be seen on her website, she and her boyfriend develop video games while simultaneously taking care of their children at home.

Chonda Priece
Chonda Priece

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Chera Pierce: Siblings

David Zachary Pierce is the son of Chonda Pierce. On her Facebook handle, she regularly publishes images of herself with him.

Zachary’s mother has a strong influence on him, as seen by the fact that he subscribes to a number of comedic podcasts on his Listen Notes account.

He went to San Jose State University and is currently undecided about what he wants to study, but he has a leaning toward kinesiology. In the past, he was an active member of Alpha Tau Omega.

Although she no longer has a close connection with Chera, she does have a strong bond with her son. After David’s passing, the grieving mother and son decided to move in together.

His alcoholic father, David, passed suddenly in 2014 at the age of 54 after a long battle with the disease. In 2013, he suffered a stroke, and despite having brain surgery, he was unable to recover.

In 2016, Zach was 26 years old and still lived at home with his mother, as reported by KGW. The comedienne also frequently shared photos on social media in which she was seen with her son. On his 28th birthday, which was on September 6th, 2017, she wished him a happy birthday. At this point in time, he should be 33 years old.

Chonda Pierce: Husband

Chonda and her husband, David W. Pierce, have welcomed two new little ones into the world. Chera Kay Pierce is the name of her daughter, and David Zachary is the name of her son. She honoured her late sisters by naming her daughter after them.

In Ashland City, Chera spent her childhood alongside her older brother. Middle Tennessee State University was where her father, David W. Pierce, spent most of his career as an English professor.

On the other hand, he was an alcoholic who sought treatment at rehabilitation and counselling centres up until the year 2013, when he suffered a stroke.

Chonda Pierce: More Details

Chonda and David W. Pierce have been together since they were in high school. They had their first encounter with one another at Cheatham County High School in Ashland City, Tennessee, while he was in the second grade.

In addition to being a skilled guitarist, he won the wrestling championship for his state. David was able to win the admiration of most of the ladies.

At first, he and Chonda were just friends, but over the course of time, that amicable relationship blossomed into a full-fledged romance.

They got married not long after they graduated from college, and Chera Kay was their first child together.

Is there a significant amount of tension between Chonda Pierce and her daughter? Chera Kay and Chonda Pierce were never known for having a particularly close mother-daughter connection.

She started harbouring resentment toward her parents for reasons that were only known to her. It is speculated that the reason for her resentment against her mother is due to the fact that Chonda placed an excessive amount of importance on her work at the expense of her family.

Chonda’s relationship with David Pierce suffered as he battled alcoholism, which contributed to its decline. Chonda was left with her kid when he passed away as a result of the complications caused by the stroke.

Chonda Priece
Chonda Priece

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Quick Facts

Full Name Chonda Pierce
Net Worth $250 thousand dollars
Date Of Birth March 4, 1960
Profession Comedian, Writer, Actor, Singer
Education Austin Peay State University
Nationality American
Spouse David W. Pierce
Children Chera Pierce Meredith, David Zachary Pierce
Siblings Charlotta Courtney, Cheralyn Courtney, Mike Courtney
Nicknames Chonda Pierce, Pierce, Chonda
Movies Chonda Pierce: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!, Chonda Pierce: A Piece of My Mind, The Dog Who Saved Halloween, 12 Christmas Wishes For My Dog, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound: Dream On: Live From Chicago



1. Chera Kay How old is Chonda Pierce’s daughter now?

She is 38 years old as of 2022 because she was born on February 13th, 1984.

2. Who is Chera Kay’s father?

Her father’s name is David W. Pierce. He passed on due to complications resulting from the stroke her suffered.

3. How many siblings does Chera Kay have?

She was raised alongside her brother David.

4. What is the nationality of Chonda Pierce’s daughter?

She is an American by birth.

5. Where is Chera Kay Pierce now?

It is impossible to tell where she is now, considering that she cut off all her contact with her mother and family.

6. Is Chera Kay on Instagram?

Unfortunately, she has kept everything about herself private. Therefore, it is impossible to know whether she has a social media account, let alone an Instagram page.

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