Amber Sheehy: Cause Of Death, Age, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

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Amber Sheehy: Cause Of Death, Age, Bio, Wiki, Family And More

On January 14, 2023, at eleven o’clock at night, Amber Sheehy passed away in peace. She had little interest in having a party for her ninth birthday. Amber passed away quietly in her sleep with both of her parents by her side when she took her last breath.

She did not experience any pain or suffering, which was more than either of us could have wished for.

After a valiant but ultimately fruitless struggle, Amber passed away in a dignified manner. Jon Sheehy, her father, shared the devastating news on their family’s Facebook page. A post regarding Amber’s passing was also made on Facebook by the Horsford FC football team, which represents England.

Amber Sheehy
Amber Sheehy

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Amber Sheehy: Cause Of Death

It is with deep grief that we have to inform you of the passing of Amber Sheehy. At the age of five, Amber was diagnosed with medulloblastoma after complaining of headaches and morning sickness. She was named the Canaries’ season-long fan in May.

Amber is a supporter of Norwich City, which was named the Canaries’ season-long fan in May. After receiving Amber’s diagnosis, her family decided to spend the following two years at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

During this time, Amber was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery to have the tumour completely removed from her body.

The news that the sickness had returned and was now incurable was a source of great sadness for the family when it was revealed in April of this year.

Amber had been battling this illness for three and a half years, and despite the fact that she was bald and had tubes coming out of her body, she managed to keep a smile and laugh throughout the entire ordeal.

However, this is no longer the case, and she is no longer able to put up a struggle.

Amber Sheehy
Amber Sheehy

What is Amber’s Army?

Amber’s Army: The charitable organisation known as Amber’s Army was established by the family, and it will continue to help families whose children have terminal illnesses by creating memories for them.

On the websites of the charities, users are able to make financial contributions, as well as purchase and collect Amber’s Army pin badges.

The family is given assistance in the process of creating the foundation by Kevin Foley, who is the owner of 10 McDonald’s restaurants in the area.

When Amber’s Brownies group asked Mr. Foley to participate in a litter pick the previous year, that’s how she and Mr. Foley first met.

Lucy stated that her family “really is the most incredible, compassionate, and powerful family in the world.” Other tributes to Amber Sheehy include these: Amber was an extraordinarily strong and courageous little girl.

Sweet little girl, may you finally rest in peace. I am sending all of my love your way.” Sadly, the individual’s time here on Earth has come to an end now.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones during this difficult time.

May she rest in peace. I pray that she finds some solace. In memory of Amber Sheehy, we ask that you share a message of condolence in the comment section below.

Amber Sheehy
Amber Sheehy

Amber Sheehy: Age

A day before Amber Sheehy’s ninth birthday, she passed away.

At the age of eight, a city child who was suffering from an inoperable brain tumour has passed away.

Amber Sheehy and her family celebrated what they knew would be their final Christmas with her the month before last. It was a Christmas that they were resolved to make the finest one ever.

After Amber began experiencing headaches and morning sickness in April 2019, at the age of five, she was evaluated for a possible medulloblastoma brain tumour. This came after Amber reported that she had started having these symptoms.

Amber was finally able to celebrate the completion of her therapy in June of 2021 by ringing the celebratory bell.

But tragedy struck the Sheehy family in April of 2022 when they learned the tragic news that their daughter’s cancer had returned and was now incurable.

Amber’s family shared the news that she had died away quietly at 11 p.m. on Saturday, January 14, in a post on Facebook that was shared with Amber’s Army.

It was an hour before her ninth birthday when she passed away, and her parents, Amanda and Jon, were by her side.

Her family shared on social media that she did not experience any pain or suffering, which was the best possible outcome in our eyes.

Amber passed away with honour despite the fact that she was waging a struggle she couldn’t win.

The Sheehy family shared their sentiments over their daughter, stating, “We were extremely fortunate with our beautiful girl and the extra time we got with her. Now that she has gone, and she went with dignity and pride, we simply need to come to grips with this.”

Those who wish to leave floral tributes in honour of Amber are urged to place them on the grass in front of their home in Horsford so that they may be viewed by the family.

Amber, a Canaries superfan, was recognised as Norwich City Football Club’s fan of the season in the summer of 2018, in addition to being honoured as the club’s Community Hero back in May.

Following her death, Norwich City released a statement saying, “All at Norwich City are deeply grieved to learn of the demise of last year’s fan of the season, Amber Sheehy.”

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