Agape Mngomezulu: Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Controversy, Bio And More

By Mr. Biswas

Agape Mngomezulu: Age, Height, Weight, Relationship, Controversy, Bio And More

Agape Mngomezulu, who plays Bryon Bennett in Ginny and Georgia, is 25 years old at the time of this writing. Agape Mngomezulu has been performing since 2016.

Agape began his career as an actor in 2016, and his debut performance was in the English-language film “My Best Friend’s Birthday,” which was produced in Canada. In the movie, the actor played the main character, Jay Baron.

After that, he made an appearance in a short film the same year, and then two years later, in 2018, he participated in a television movie on the gymnast Simone Biles.

The year 2018 was a breakthrough year for the young actor as he played in a tiny role in both an episode of the popular supernatural show “Supernatural” and an episode of the television series “iZombie.”

In the same year, the actor would also achieve wider notoriety for his role as Dennis Bearden, which he played on the television series “The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco,” in which he appeared in five episodes.

Agape Mngomezulu
Agape Mngomezulu

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Agape Mngomezulu: Bio

Agape Mngomezulu was born on January 17, 1997, which makes his current age 25 years old. Agape is an actress that was born and raised in the city of Toronto in Ontario.

Growing up in Ontario, Agape attended to Delview Secondary School for his primary and secondary studies. The Delview Secondary School may be found in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

After receiving his diploma in 2015, he enrolled in classes at the Vancouver Film School, which is located in the city of Vancouver in the province of British Columbia. He received his diploma in 2016, the same year that he was cast in his debut film part.

In addition to attending classes at the Vancouver Film School, the actor spent some time working as a barista at a Starbucks in the city of Vancouver. Agape has been represented by Connekt Creative Talent Agency, which is also based in Vancouver, ever since she finished her education in the film industry.

Agape is devoted to the music subgenres of hip hop and R&B, in addition to acting, which is one of his other passions outside of the entertainment industry. On almost all of the posts on his Instagram account, he has included lyrical excerpts from rap or R&B songs as captions. Additionally, he is a significant supporter of the music of J. Cole.

He is a fan of live music and attends concerts on a regular basis. One of his Instagram posts is a picture of him with the well-known R&B singer Sza. However, his mother is by far his greatest source of motivation.

Agape Mngomezulu: Mother

Comfort Khumalo Keil is the name of the man’s mother. The actor is known to thank his mother on social media for providing him with the attractive genes that have contributed to his success in the entertainment industry.

Last but not least, the actor is a huge fan of soccer and cheers for Manchester United, which competes in the English Premier League.

Agape Mngomezulu
Agape Mngomezulu

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Agape Mngomezulu: In Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Georgia features Agape Mngomezulu as the character Byron. Within the second season of the Netflix show, Byron has made an appearance in a total of six episodes.

In their tale, Ginny and Georgia play the roles of a mother and daughter. Ginny, the daughter, is fifteen years old but thinks she is more mature than her mother Georgia, who is thirty years old. Georgia is the older of the two.

One of Ginny’s close friends, Bracia Charles, has developed feelings for Byron, who appears in multiple episodes of the second season of Ginny and Georgia. Byron is the target of Bracia’s affections.

Bracia had been little more than a stock character in the earlier seasons for Ginny’s development, but the addition of Byron has given her more humanity than she had previously possessed.

It will be intriguing to see if Byron will play a direct part in the tale as the season progresses. This is something that will be on my mind.

Agape Mngomezulu
Agape Mngomezulu

Agape Mngomezulu: Age

Agape Mngomezulu, who plays Bryon Bennett in Ginny and Georgia, is 25 years old at the time of this writing. Agape Mngomezulu has been performing since 2016.

Agape Mngomezulu: Education

Growing up in Ontario, Agape attended to Delview Secondary School for his primary and secondary studies. The Delview Secondary School may be found in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

Agape Mngomezulu
Agape Mngomezulu

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Agape Mngomezulu: Interviews

It never fails to amaze me that Hallmark is committed to not just showcasing our favourite Hallmark actors in a range of charming, meaningful films, but that they are also enthusiastic about promoting younger and less experienced performers as well. This is something that Hallmark does.

And in the case of Agape Mngomezulu, Hallmark fans are getting ready to welcome him to one of the most major parts he has played to this point in the forthcoming Fall Harvest Hallmark Channel premiere, Falling For You (October 6th).

During the summer before last, he and I had a lengthy conversation about his profession, and I am excited to share his tale as well as his point of view with my readers today.

RH: Agape, I am overjoyed that we will be able to talk today. It was probably your lovely agency who put us in touch, so I’d like to thank them for that.

AM: And it’s a pleasure to talk to you as well, Ruth. In addition, I am thankful that they were able to assist us in establishing a link.

Your name, Agape, is definitely one of a kind. Where did you spend the majority of your childhood?

So, I was born in the country of Swaziland, which is located in South Africa.

It makes perfect sense. Although I am familiar with the word and its biblical roots, I believe that you are the first person named Agape that I have ever met. In addition to that, I was wondering whether or not you have any African ancestry.

Yes, I spent almost eleven years of my life living in Africa.

So how did you make your way to Canada?

When I was around ten years old, my mother began making plans to relocate our family. Simply put, she was seeking for a more suitable location for the two of us to call home. She gave several places like England and Florida some thought, but after coming to visit Vancouver, she realised that it was the perfect place for her. So that’s where we ended up settling down. My brother and my sister are also with me here today, and we travelled all the way out here together.

What got you interested in acting in the first place?

I believe that high school was the turning point for me. During my time in high school, I experimented with a wide variety of activities. My school had this system where you could try out a new activity for two weeks at a time. For example, you could try out theatre for two weeks, music for two weeks, art for two weeks, etc. Drama was one of my favourite things to watch, but I never really gave it much thought. I simply continued doing that all the way through high school.

When I was in the ninth grade, I decided to give rugby a try since I thought it would be a lot of fun. On the other hand, I was five feet eight inches tall and weighed one hundred fifteen pounds.

Because I was always getting sick from playing in the rain with the other kids, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good fit for me. One day after our workout, we were passing around the gym, and I happened to observe that play rehearsals were taking place. It seemed like a lot of fun, so I decided that perhaps the next year I would sign up for one of these theatre events. And I followed through with that.

I continued to be involved in theatre throughout all four years of high school, and it was not until my senior year that I was offered the main role in the school’s musical. And that’s when I realised that this is the path I should take because it makes me the happiest while I’m following it. I didn’t waste any time and enrolled in film school as soon as I graduated high school.

What was the first credit to your name in the professional world?

About a week after I finished film school and received my diploma, I was offered a part on the television show Lucifer.

It was a part in which no speaking was required. Mr. Vomit was the name of the figure in question. During the episode, there was a party at a high school, and I had to quickly make my way through the crowd in order to throw up in this plant. {laughs}

However, that is a very important show. It was one that was first cancelled, but it was later picked up for a fourth season by Netflix. What a fantastic way to break into the business, despite the fact that it was a non-speaking job.

I had learned all of these things while I was in film school, and when I finally got the chance to go out in a show and actually put them into effect, all I could think was, “Wow!” Everything happens so much more fast than when we were just learning about it in class. And it is assumed that everyone will know what the next step is. On the very first day of working on my very first professional set, I was basically just trying to take everything in.

What a wonderful way to kick things off! In The Simone Biles Story, I had the opportunity to see you perform. And I am even able to recall your personality. I’m going to assume that you were playing one of her brothers.

You have that exactly right.

For obvious reasons, I followed her career, therefore I thought it was fitting that I enjoyed that movie so much. Watching this movie was indeed an unforgettable experience.

The experience of making this movie was incredible. Before this, I had only ever seen her in her Olympic guise; nonetheless, it was fascinating to learn about her humble beginnings and the incredible things she went on to do. It is indeed a remarkable account of events.

When I think about what it must be like to play a real living person in a movie that’s based on their life, I always think it must be quite an experience. Have any of you guys had any kind of interaction with the family?

I believe that on one of the days, the primary cast, consisting of Jeanté Godlock, who portrayed Simone, and Tisha Campbell-Martin and Julius Tennon, who represented her parents, got to meet their real-life counterparts.

Jeanté Godlock played Simone. Tisha Campbell-Martin and Julius Tennon played her parents. That was their chance to acquire a genuine impression of the residents of the area. However, Dion Riley, who played the other sibling, and I were not given a lot of opportunities to engage in conversation with the other cast members.

However, there was a day when both of Simone’s parents, along with Simone herself, were present on set, and that was a really lovely experience to have. I have to admit that I was a little star-struck.

I can imagine. Simone Biles is an outstanding young lady. I believe that, had I been in the situation, I would have felt very similarly. And I think it’s really amazing that you got to experience it. Now that I think about it, I remember seeing you in iZombie as well as Supernatural. What was it like to go through those experiences?

It was a lot of fun being on both of those well-known science fiction shows. But it’s undeniable that Supernatural is an incredible show! I am referring to the fact that it is about to begin its thirteenth season! If you are an actor in Vancouver, there is a significant chance that you have appeared on Supernatural in the past or that you will appear on the show in the future.

Both of their shows attract a considerable number of viewers.

It was a fantastic experience for me to appear in both iZombie and Supernatural. Because they’ve worked together on so many seasons of both series, the principal cast and crew have developed a close, familial relationship with one another. Simply diving in and getting started is a lot of fun.

These are some of the most popular shows on television as well as on Netflix. They accomplish a lot in a short amount of time while at the same time having a great time together while they are on the job.

They never make you feel like they are superior to you or that they are in any way above you. On set, there is a spirit of collaboration between everyone who is present on that particular day, which is, in all candour, the best thing that can happen.

That is totally awesome. And what’s even better is that everybody I talk to agrees with me on that point.

Some individuals may have the misconception that it is the perspective of just one person; yet, everyone from children to more seasoned professionals, including young actors, like these shows. So, from what I gather, you just wrapped production on your first Hallmark movie, titled “Falling For You.”

Yes, I did. It was such a wonderful time.

I’ve had conversations with a few other cast members about their experiences working on this project. Alison Wandzura, Lini Evans, Madison Smith, and Matt Visser are the members of the team.

Absolutely, these are all wonderful coworkers to have. In addition, Taylor Cole is, without a doubt, the most prominent star. It is a pleasure to collaborate with someone as wonderful as she is.

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